Taal Basilica

A giant scaffolding rose right before the Basilica’s altar at the point where the nave and the transept meet­­—the Basilica de San Martin de Tours, simply known as Taal Basilica. It is the Asia’s Largest Catholic church. Taal Basilica can be found in Taal, Batangas which is considered a heritage landmark by the National Historical Institute. Taal Basilica was built in 1755 but was rebuilt a century after it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1849. The church stands 95 meters long and 45 meters wide on a plateau in heart of Taal. This church is very historic because it is one of the hideout of the ‘Kastila” wherein it helps them to become safe from their enemies. As you look the face of Taal church you will be amazed because after those earthquakes that destroyed the church those earthquake did not affect the beauty of Taal Basilca. But not the face only, once you enter the Taal church you will find those antique materials that they used and also the design of the church is so good. But not only the beauty of Taal Basilica that we need to recognized instead the historic meaning and the importance of this curch.


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